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Some people have never had the opportunity nor means to travel to another city, some have never experienced a world outside a community called Gelvandale in Port Elizabeth, while others have simply dreamt of such experiences.

The Alviro Petersen Foundation however has ensured that Fontein Primary School pupils have experienced all of these things, when they  sponsored the school tour to Jeffreys Bay from 16-18 May 2014

Sixty pupils, accompanied by the headmaster and other teachers went on the tour to Pellsrus Primary School, where they competed in several sporting activities including soccer, rugby, cricket, netball and chess.

School tours like this come at a price, and when the school itself can barely cover its operations expenses, it often falls upon the parents of the students to fork out the money required.

Gelvandale in Port Elizabeth remains a poor community. It is riddled with gangsterism, drugs and substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and unemployment, so it’s easy to understand that parents would rather save every cent for an evening meal than send it sending their son or daughter on a sport’s tour.

When you walk into Fontein Primary School you will be forgiven when your estimation of some student’s ages is two to three years younger than their actual age, and that is purely because of the reality of malnutrition.

Mr E. Williams the Head Master of Fontein Primary School said: “I took the liberty of going on this tour to experience it firsthand alongside the Fontein pupils. It was great to see the interaction among the pupils outside the bounds of our community.

“Some of them have never been able to experience life outside the bounds of their homes. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves to the point that I was asked when they can go on another excursion such as the tour.”

The Head Master added: “On behalf of my staff, sports coaches, School Governing Body, myself and students I would like to thank the Foundation and all the sponsors associated with the Foundation for affording our learners this wonderful experience.”

Fontein School teacher, Ms. T. Bouah said: “The experience we had was awesome and the hospitality was warm and very welcoming. The pupils have told me that they are eternally grateful to the foundation and will always have very fond memories of the time they spent at Jeffrey’s Bay.”

The Alviro Petersen Foundation was launched in November 2013, and by January 2014 started a series of projects which is ongoing in Port Elizabeth.

Foundation Chairman Rob Hodson said: “We are delighted that the students from Fontein Primary school had a very successful school tour, but most importantly, that they had a great time.

“Assisting kids and communities are central to the operation of the Foundation, and our strategy includes giving kids an alternative to drugs, alcohol and the gangsterism that they live among.”

Founder of the Foundation, Alviro Petersen said: “We are making a difference in the lives of many people, and while we have done a great deal there is so much more still to do. A special thank you must go to all our sponsors for their generosity and financial assistance with various projects. And finally, a massive thank you to the trustees and coordinators of the Foundation for what they sacrifice, to ensure successful projects.”

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