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Latest News appoints news correspondence- 25th September 2013

It is with great pleasure that we announce Lawrence Howard as the news correspondence for

Lawrence is currently studying for his Masters degree in journalism in London- UK, and already holds degrees in Bachelor of Arts and History of Arts with honours, obtained at the University of Leeds, UK.

Lawrence is based in London, and have extensive traveling experience. Lawrence said, " In writing for the site I hope to gain some essential experience in sports writing that will contribute to my aspiring journalism career, and in the process provide some well written updates on Alviro Petersen's entire brand, including the Alviro Petersen Foundation, Alviro Petersen Cricket School and most things associated with cricket and sport. Many thanks to Alviro for this opportunity and I hope the visitors to the website enjoy my writing style "

" We are very excited to have secured the services of Lawrence, as he comes with great qualifications and potential. I have seen some of his work, and I can assure the visitors to my website that they are in for some great reads " Alviro said.

We welcome him to the family!

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