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Good to be here at Lancashire - 25th April 2015

Things have gone really well for me since I arrived here in Lancashire with my wife and son and everybody has made us feel very welcome.

As soon as I got here it is was Press Day at the club which was good for me because it gave me a chance to meet everybody and get to know all of the players.

The first game I played in was against Leeds/Bradford MCCU which was good for me and it gave me a chance to settle in nicely.

Lancashire’s opening match in the county championship was at Derby where the team did well and we won and I was lucky enough to score a hundred, which was fantastic.

It is always nice to get your first hundred when you start for a new team and it gets the nerves off your back and it helps you to feel more comfortable.

My wife and little boy have come to England with me and I have been able to spend time with them both and they will be here now until the end of the season which is nice.

The reason why I retired from international cricket was to allow me to find a balance between playing the game and spending time with the family because they are a massive part of my life.

It’s nice to have the sun shining when you play cricket and I have always said that England is a lovely place to be when its sunny and it certainly has been so far this season.

The sun makes everyone feel more relaxed and happy, they want to get outside and use their barbeques, which is great.

We start our next game against Kent on Sunday at Old Trafford which is a great place to play. I have scored a few runs at Old Trafford, in fact I scored one here playing for Somerset so it’s a place I enjoy playing.

All Test Match grounds have good wickets and I am fortunate that my home ground for the next couple of years is one of them.

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