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Update from the Alviro Petersen Foundation

2015 was a very busy year for the Foundation as we again held the Momentum AP Foundation Challenge in Port Elizabeth where 2 primary schools competed as well as 3 high schools.

For the second year we ran the AP Cricket Challenge and Otto Du-Plessis High School came out victors.

We also selected an AP Foundation Select XI who then travelled to Pretoria to play in the APF Eersterust Festival hosted by Eersterust Cricket Club in December 2015, which was a huge success.

In 2015 we extended the number of school fee contributions from 24 in 2014 to 33 in 2015.

The founder of the Foundation, Alviro Petersen said, " We are once again delighted to have hosted both the APF Challenge, as well as the Eersterust Festival during 2015. With that we have activated and launched our Eersterust programme in Pretoria and are well on our way to making a difference country wide.

“I would like to thanks our respective sponsors and contributors, Momentum Health, Bayfm, and Ashton Frodsham- without their contributions, we would not be in the position we are today."

Alviro went on: “The APF Select XI travelled by plane from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg and for most of them it was the first time they flew... it was a great experience under the leadership of Reeze Telling. The tour was partly sponsored by Ashton Frodsham (14 years old) who once again showed that he wants to make a difference in other lives.”

The Foundation Co-ordinator Reeze Telling said, "The kids had a wonderful time, and experienced some fantastic things. They have seen what you can achieve, and that there is a life apart from drugs and alcohol abuse.”

The Alviro Petersen Foundation has confirmed the members of the Select XI Tour.

The trustees of the Alviro Petersen Foundation approved a cricket tour to Pretoria for the APF Select XI.

The selected team was chosen from the Momentum APF Challenge 2015, where three high schools competed namely, Otto Du-Plessis, St. Thomas and Gelvandale High Schools.

The Select XI will play a festival of three T20 matches against Eersterust Cricket Club at the Eersterust Oval in Pretoria on 5th and 6th December 2015.

During this festival of cricket, the Alviro Petersen Foundation will launch its Eersterust Community projects as well as strengthen its commitment to the Eersterust Cricket Club.

Alviro Petersen said: “It is a great opportunity for these kids to go on such a tour and experience new surroundings. Its also good for them to experience life outside their own communities and learn that achievements can happen if you are prepared to work for it.”

The Select XI squad is as follow...
Qeulyne Oersen (c), Otto du Plessis School
Keegan Heilbron (v/c), Gelvandale High School
Charlton Benn, Otto Du Plessis High School
Dillon Williams, Otto Du Plessis High School
Jarred Swarts, St Thomas High School
Christo Stephenson, St Thomas High School
Tevin Campbell, Gelvandale High School
Kyle Hahn, St Thomas High School
Zander Lombard, Otto Du Plessis High School
Marvaan Mounton, Otto Du Plessis High School
Olwethu Ngesi, St Thomas High School
Antonio Rondganger, Otto Du Plessis High School
Coach: Reeze Telling


The APF Cricket Challenge took place on the 3rd October 2015 at St Thomas High School sports fields where the three high schools played round robin games of 6 overs per team. Each school was allowed 11 fielders but only 6 bowlers were allowed to bowl 1 over each and 6 batsmen were allowed to bat.

This format created much excitement for both players and supporters creating high competition in the matches and an entertaining environment for spectators.

During the lunch break, Bayview Primary School and Fontein Primary School played a 10 over match.

Match 1: St Thomas High School vs Otto Du Plessis High School St Thomas batted first and made a total of 25/ 3 in their 6 overs.
Otto Du Plessis went into bat and chased down the target winning the game by 9 wickets.

Match 2: Otto Du Plessis vs Gelvandale High School
Otto batted first and set a total of 45 for 3 in their 6 overs.
Gelvandale went into bat and was bowled out for 10. Otto won the game by 35 runs

Match 3: Gelvandale High School vs St Thomas High School
This was a must win game for both teams and turned out to be an amazing contest.
Gelvandale High batted first and scored 26 for 3 in their 6 overs.
St Thomas went into bat and won the game by 2 wickets.

Match 4: Final- Otto Du Plessis vs St Thomas High School
Otto Du Plessis batted first and made 124 for 6 in their 20 overs. St Thomas went in need to score 125 win. St Thomas High School got bowled out for 96.
Otto beat St Thomas by 29 runs.

This means that Otto Du Plessis won the cricket challenge for the second year running.

This year, through the Cricket Challenge the AP Foundation has contributed to 33 High School pupil’s school fees.

In first place, Otto Du Plessis High, received R1000 each, second placed, St Thomas High, received R600 each, and third placed, Gelvandale High School, received R400 each.

An APF High Performance team of 12 players was selected to represent the AP Foundation, made up of a combination of all three schools who were selected for this opportunity.

The AP foundation would like to thanks their principle sponsors Momentum, as well as our partners , Bay Fm 1079, SAPS Gelvandale , This Is Eat, Angelic Wonders , EPCB and all of our volunteers who gave so generously of their time.


At the recent Annual General Meeting the trustees of The Alviro Petersen Foundation resolved that Robert Hodson would remain in post as the Chairman of the Foundation for another year (2015)

"Robert has overseen the successful launch of the Foundation during it’s first year in 2014 which has included at least four different projects,” said Alviro Petersen.

“Under his chairmanship the Foundation has contributed to at least 24 High School pupil’s fees, educated over 3000 individuals about drug and substance abuse, and provided sports equipment to over 500 scholars and young people.”

The foundation successfully hosted the AP Foundation Cricket Challenge, as well as the first Gala Dinner in November last year.

“Together with the other trustees (Alviro Petersen, Steve Easton, Arthur Turner and MC Dreyer) the Chairman has worked tirelessly to ensure that we get the necessary finances to fund the above projects.

“I would like to acknowledge Robert's service to the Foundation and the fantastic work he has done together with all the other trustees who made sure that the projects we hosted were successful, the founder of the Foundation, Alviro Petersen said.

Staff & Contractors:

In January 2015 the Foundation appointed Reeze Telling as the full time Coordinator in Port Elizabeth, after he successfully coordinated the AP Foundation Cricket Challenge last year.

“Reeze, is a hard working and honest individual who has the work of the Foundation at heart. He is committed not just to the Foundation, but to the beneficiaries as well, and we are delighted to have him employed full time,” said Alviro.

MP Tax Consultants remain the auditing firm for the Foundation.

One World of Sport, who work very hard to find sponsors and donors, will remain the sponsorship consultants.

Daisy Chain Events remain the event coordinators/ consultants in Gauteng, as they successfully overseen the launch of the Foundation as well as the Gala Dinner.

Projects planned for 2015:

The AP Foundation will continue to support the identified schools namely, Fontein Primary, Gelvandale High and Otto Du-Plessis High Schools.

As from January this year St. Thomas High School has been included as another of our identified schools, and the Foundation has already handed over cricket equipment and clothing to them.

In 2014 the AP Foundation started supporting Eersterust Cricket Club in Pretoria, where they provided equipment, clothing and support to the club. During the 2014/15 cricket season they performed outstandingly well and the Foundation will continue supporting the club during the 2015/16 season as well.

2015 will again see the AP Foundation Cricket Challenge, involving two primary schools, three high schools and a community team. For the first time the Foundation will host the Primary Schools soccer challenge which will feature eight to 10 schools.

Towards the end of 2015 the Foundation will launch the "Women & Children Abuse" campaign, which will coincide with the "drug awareness" programme.

The AP Foundation would like to say Thank You to the following:

* Trustees, Staff & Volunteers- for their unwavering commitment to the foundation.
* Momentum Health- for their generous sponsorship of the APF Cricket Challenge 2014.
* Robin Twaddle Attorneys - for their sponsorship and legal services.
* Mr & Mrs. Blackett - for their generous monthly contributions.
* Sedgars Sports - for their generous sponsorship and support.
* Ashton Frodsham & Family - for their generous contributions of sports equipment.
* Supersport - for giving the foundation tv time.
* Bayfm Radio - for their support of the Foundation.
* Makro PE - for their support of the APF Cricket Challenge.
* SAPS Gelvandale - for their support of the APF Cricket Challenge.
* Every individual who contributed to the work of the foundation by supporting our events.
* All the anonymous donors who contribute by way of monthly payments.

The Alviro Petersen Foundation looks forward to a wonderful 2015, and should you need more info please get in touch:


The Alviro Petersen Foundation is proud to announce that the AP Foundation Challenge will take place in Port Elizabeth on Saturday the 11 October at the St Thomas High School in Gelvandale.

The Challenge will involve two High Schools and two Primary Schools playing against each other in twenty over matches. The schools participating are the Otto du Plessis and Galvandale High Schools and Fontein and Park Side Primary Schools.

The programme for the Challenge is as follows:

Friday 10 October: 5:30pm - Launch (Invitations will be sent out)
Saturday 11 October: 9.00 Fontein Primary v Park Side Primary
13.15 Otto Du Plessis High v Gelvandale High
17.00 Match Presentation

Proteas batsman Alviro Petersen said ": I am delighted that we are ready to host the first Challenge match between the Schools that the APF have nominated as beneficiaries of the Foundation. I especially want to thank Momentum for their financial support that has made this day possible."

Rob Hodson the Chairman said:"What an exciting day for all of us at the APF that we can deliver on our vision of creating a better life for young South African through sport."

For further enquiries:

Alviro Peterson Foundation appoint Event Coordinator - 1st September 2014

The Alviro Petersen Foundation is delighted to be able announce the appointment of Reeze Telling as Event Coordinator for the AP Foundation Challenge which is due to take place in Port-Elizabeth next month.

Reeze grew up in Gelvandale in PE, which is also the community where Alviro Peterson hails from , and is actively involve in the community through various projects.

The AP Foundation Challenge will take place in October 2014, and specific dates and venues will be announced in due course.

Reeze said: "It is an honour to be appointed the Event Coordinator for the Alviro Petersen Foundation, and I have already started working on this project, to ensure a successful event."

Steve Easton, one of the trustees of the AP Foundation said: "We continue to take big steps in the right direction, and the appointment of Reeze, shows our commitment to the community of Gelvandale. We have every confidence that Reeze will deliver a successful event and look forward to the support to everyone's continued support."

Momentum to support Alviro Petersen Challenge in aid of the Alviro Petersen Foundation - 10th July 2014

Top order international cricketer and Protea opening batsman Alviro Petersen has announced a partnership with financial services provider Momentum in support of the Alviro Peterson Foundation. Momentum will sponsor the Alviro Petersen Challenge to be played in October between Port Elizabeth schools, Gelvandale and Otto Du Plessiss High Schools.

The Alviro Peterson Foundation, founded in 2013 was born out of Alviro’s commitment to improve and effect positive change in his local community. After playing UK county cricket with Glanmorgan, Alviro made his way home after being re-selected for the Proteas at the start of 2012. This provided the ideal opportunity for Alviro to use his success and local prominence to establish a foundation in his name.

The foundation supports The Glevandale Cricket club and the Alviro Petersen Cricket School as well as Fontein Primary School, Glevandale High School and Otto du Plessis High School; no coincidence as Alviro attended all three schools, where a focus on sport kept him away from drugs and gansterism now prevalent in local communities.

Poignantly, the Alviro Petersen Challenge takes place between his two previous high schools.

Alviro Petersen said, “I am delighted that Momentum has agreed to sponsor this event and I want to say a big thank you on behalf of my Foundation and the children who will benefit. The two schools are close to my heart and I want to ensure that both schools and the young cricketers get the opportunity to achieve their dreams like I have been able to do”. Rob Hodson the Chairman of the Foundation said “I want to thank Momentum for their generous sponsorship that will enable the Foundation to implement its vision of uplifting both schools and their students through cricket”.

Charlene Lackay Head of Momentum CSI said, “We share Alviro’s vision of using sport and education as a positive and workable solution to shaping young lives. We have seen time and again the unifying and uplifting power of sport in communities. As we celebrate 20 years of democracy in a land of renewed opportunity, Alviro’s success is a perfect example that anything can be achieved, and as Momentum we are happy to offer our support to make life changing opportunities accessible to all”.


Some people have never had the opportunity nor means to travel to another city, some have never experienced a world outside a community called Gelvandale in Port Elizabeth, while others have simply dreamt of such experiences.

The Alviro Petersen Foundation however has ensured that Fontein Primary School pupils have experienced all of these things, when they  sponsored the school tour to Jeffreys Bay from 16-18 May 2014

Sixty pupils, accompanied by the headmaster and other teachers went on the tour to Pellsrus Primary School, where they competed in several sporting activities including soccer, rugby, cricket, netball and chess.

School tours like this come at a price, and when the school itself can barely cover its operations expenses, it often falls upon the parents of the students to fork out the money required.

Gelvandale in Port Elizabeth remains a poor community. It is riddled with gangsterism, drugs and substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and unemployment, so it’s easy to understand that parents would rather save every cent for an evening meal than send it sending their son or daughter on a sport’s tour.

When you walk into Fontein Primary School you will be forgiven when your estimation of some student’s ages is two to three years younger than their actual age, and that is purely because of the reality of malnutrition.

Mr E. Williams the Head Master of Fontein Primary School said: “I took the liberty of going on this tour to experience it firsthand alongside the Fontein pupils. It was great to see the interaction among the pupils outside the bounds of our community.

“Some of them have never been able to experience life outside the bounds of their homes. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves to the point that I was asked when they can go on another excursion such as the tour.”

The Head Master added: “On behalf of my staff, sports coaches, School Governing Body, myself and students I would like to thank the Foundation and all the sponsors associated with the Foundation for affording our learners this wonderful experience.”

Fontein School teacher, Ms. T. Bouah said: “The experience we had was awesome and the hospitality was warm and very welcoming. The pupils have told me that they are eternally grateful to the foundation and will always have very fond memories of the time they spent at Jeffrey’s Bay.”

The Alviro Petersen Foundation was launched in November 2013, and by January 2014 started a series of projects which is ongoing in Port Elizabeth.

Foundation Chairman Rob Hodson said: “We are delighted that the students from Fontein Primary school had a very successful school tour, but most importantly, that they had a great time.

“Assisting kids and communities are central to the operation of the Foundation, and our strategy includes giving kids an alternative to drugs, alcohol and the gangsterism that they live among.”

Founder of the Foundation, Alviro Petersen said: “We are making a difference in the lives of many people, and while we have done a great deal there is so much more still to do. A special thank you must go to all our sponsors for their generosity and financial assistance with various projects. And finally, a massive thank you to the trustees and coordinators of the Foundation for what they sacrifice, to ensure successful projects.”

First Meeting for the Alviro Petersen Foundation-11th September 2013

The first Trustees meeting took place on Saturday in Johannesburg for the newly formed Alviro Petersen Foundation. The Trustees are Rob Hodson Chairman; Alviro Petersen; Steve Easton; MC Dryer; Arthur Turner. Rob Hodson is a senior Manager at the Legacy Group Holdings and is currently the Manager of the Da Vinci Hotel in Santon. He said “ It is indeed a privilege to be appointed Chairman of the Alviro Petersen Foundation. We will be looking to make a difference in the lives of the people that form part of the Foundations beneficiaries”

Steve Easton is the Managing Director of Sanji Security Systems in Johannesburg and he will bring a strong corporate and business like flavour to the Foundation.

MC Dryer a senior partner in MP Tax will be responsible for the sound financial running of the Foundation and corporate governance.

Arthur Turner from One World of Sport is Alviro’s agent and will be responsible for the daily operations of the Trust.

Alviro Petersen thanked the Trustees for making available their time to serve on his Foundation and said “ we are looking to make a difference in the lives of South Africans”

The launch of the Foundation will take place in November at the Wanderers Stadium.


If you would like to get involved or donate, please get in touch via email:

The Alviro Petersen Foundation is kindly supported by V & S Halaal Catering and Alpine Restaurant, Johannesburg.

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