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Alviro Petersen’s latest blog before heading off to join South Africa on their trip to Sri Lanka

I am really loving being around the Somerset boys and playing alongside them in the championship and the T20 competitions, but soon I will be heading off to Sri Lanka with South Africa, which will be a big challenge for me.
Sri Lanka have just beaten England in their own country so they are on a bit of a high and they are a very good team in their own back yard so I am really looking forward to playing against them.

After the trip to Sri Lanka we play a Test in Zimbabwe and then I am back here at Somerset again for the rest of the season, so I have got a lot of cricket in the next few months and I am really looking forward to it.

I am only away from Somerset for a month and then I am back and hopefully we can challenge for the county championship and the one day competitions so we are still well placed to get something out of this season. I think that it is really exciting that just over halfway through the season to be in the position that we are.
It’s always nice to score runs and be able to contribute to a winning team and although it was tough batting in our most recent championship game against Lancashire we knew that we had to grind them down and get some runs onto the board.

That is what first class cricket is all about and you are not always going to get those time when you can score at four or five an over. Sometimes you just have to rein yourself in and make sure that you build partnerships, which takes a little bit longer, but in the end you still get there.

I compare the schedule of English domestic cricket to the international game in that you are playing virtually all of the time. You play one game then you have a day off before you play again, so you have to put your previous innings behind you and concentrate on your next one.

In South Africa you only play 10 first class games in the season so there is a lot more time between games, whereas in England you play 16 in the same amount of time.

There is a good mood in the Somerset camp at the moment and we have got a fantastic bunch of guys here. I always maintain that you have got to be a man before you are a cricketer and that is important and in this team we have got a lot of those individuals.

Marcus Trescothick truly is one of the greats of cricket and to bat with him is a real privilege. We share ideas out in the middle and talk about how to play certain bowlers and when to play various strokes against them, so it’s almost like a discussion being at the crease with him at the other end and we feed well off each other.

Between us we have notched up quite a few 100 partnerships together which has been good for our team and it also settles the nerves when you walk out to the middle and he is there to greet you.

When I went out to bat against Lancashire we were 49 for 2 and under a lot of pressure, but that is the challenge of batting at number four because you walk into all sorts of different situations in the game.

You have to cope with whatever situation you are faced with and I just love the challenge, whatever it is and moving forward it is the position that I would prefer to bat in.

You can’t play the game back in the changing room so I try not to before I have to go out to bat. Of course I watch what is happening out in the middle but I try to stay as calm as possible so whenever I go out there it is business time for me.

While I am away in Sri Lanka my family is packing up and going back to South Africa so we will catch up for a few days while I am back there before we head off to Zimbabwe.

My wife and son will then stay back in South Africa when I come back to Taunton for the remainder of the season which is a not great personally because we planned to all be here for the whole of the summer.

However this situation has come up and that is how international cricket works. Ideally I would like my family to be here for the whole time with me but it’s not going to happen.

Family is the most important thing to me and if I am honest cricket is second, so in the future we will have to look at what is best for all of us.

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