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My time at Somerset - 2013

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that I have spent with Somerset this year although obviously it's not quite as I had expected at the start when I agreed a contract because there were two interruptions when I was called up to play for South Africa.

The first time was for the Champions Trophy and then for the Sri Lanka ODI series.

When I arrived here there is always pressure to make yourself feel part of the team and part of the Club, but on my first day everybody was just brilliant, right from the start and all the players were great and helped me to settle in.

Playing my first game for Somerset against Surrey at the Oval there were a lot of nerves, but I managed to score 167 after which I felt that I was a member of the first team squad.

I felt I had settled into the Club nicely and even though I was only here for a few weeks before the Champions Trophy, but when I came back I continued to enjoy my time with Somerset.

I was quite lucky really because I already knew several people at Somerset before I arrived.

I know Dave Nosworthy well and we have worked together for many years. A month or two after I had signed forSomerset I heard that he was going to be involved and I was excited about it. He is a good man and with good principles which I like and we have a good working relationship.

Alfonso Thomas and myself have played together for a long time in different teams and also against each other, We have got a good friendship and we know each other very well.

In fact most of the guys in the changing room over the last couple of years I have managed to get to know through various competitions and have mutual respect for each of them.

Now having played with them I can see that they are men before they are cricketers, which is important for me as a person and also as a human being. It's important for me to see how they operate and cricket is not the everything and it shouldn't be either, because there is a lot more away from the game that matters- family and friends and all the things that really matter in life.

Somerset has been such a great club to be involved with and Taunton is a great place for me and my family to have lived in so I can see why so many overseas players have enjoyed their time at the County Ground.

The first time I arrived everybody at the Club, from the Chief Executive to the office staff the support staff and the players and supporter have treated me just like I belong here.

The support at Somerset is second to none and over the years I have experienced playing with several clubs. I have played with a few counties in England and the support here in Somerset is just brilliant.

I have just loved playing in front of the Taunton crowd and I am sure that every other professional who has played here before, or that will play here in the future will simply enjoy it.

As a professional cricketer there is a lot of pressure and if you sense this coming from your team mates and your own county and the supporters it just adds so much more to the load.

Here at Somerset however you feel part of the team and part of the set up. Speaking to the media has been brilliant at the Club and there is a great respect and mutual understanding as to where everyone is going and it just feels like everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Living here with my family has been brilliant and its so different from where we are based in Johannesburg back inSouth Africa. What is so great here is that I can take my son Jason, who is six months old, for a walk in the pram everyday. We could just walk into town and get a few things and walk back.

When we get his pram out he gets excited because he knows he is going for a walk, whereas back in South Africa everywhere you get in the car and drive there and drive back. Luckily for us we live in a secure estate and we could walk but here it was just brilliant because you see the other players and supporters and everyone talks to you.

Taunton is a quiet town and we have really enjoyed living here.

I'd love to come back to Somerset and its one of the counties that if the opportunity arises I would certainly look into it. I have made a lot of friends and it feels like I have been here already for many years and I enjoy playing cricket here.

The guys are brilliant and if someone asked me to search for something negative about the Club I would have to look for a long time because everything round here is so positive and I have had a brilliant time.

To the Chief Executive, the management team, the office staff, players and supporters- I certainly leave with lots of memories, and good ones it is. Thanks for a great experience, and allowing me the opportunity to experience being part of such a great club!

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