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Alviro Petersen latest blog- Bristol June 10th 2015

Life has been pretty good for me since I arrived with my family to play for Lancashire at the start of this season.

In fact the only disappointing thing has been the weather which has been a little bit cold, but hopefully now we are into June the summer should be starting very soon.

I have scored two hundreds so far for Lancashire and helped them to win some crucial games. As a team we are doing well and our goal this season is to win promotion back to Division One in the county championship and I think at the moment we look to be well on our way.

Lancashire is a club with a rich history and the members and supporters of course they want to see the side doing well and playing in the top division. If you walk into Old Trafford you realize what a big club it is and what a fantastic stadium they play at. Everything about Old Trafford feels like a first division side so its only right that we should be back there in 2016.

Last season the guys were of course disappointed not to have stayed in the top division, but there is a very clear plan as to how we are going to get there and reclaim that place next year.

I must admit that it felt a bit strange driving down the M5 and turning off at Bristol because for the last two years I have driven down to Taunton to play for Somerset and that has almost become my second home.

It did feel a bit strange but I’m hoping to get an opportunity to get back down to Taunton to catch up with my friends there later in the summer. Maybe I might even get to play a match down there if we get drawn together in one of the white ball competitions.

Having played cricket in both the first and second divisions of the county championship I can say that there is most definitely a difference between the two. First of all the wickets at top division grounds are better, whereas in the second division they get to spice it up at certain grounds. In division one you also have a few more of the better players performing than in division two where they tend to play more young players and see how they perform.

For Lancashire now it is important that we continue in the way that we have started, and finish the season well. Its really hard to think that we are almost half way through the season and that time has gone really quickly, probably because I have been enjoying it so much. The sun has been shining on us for our win at Bristol which has been good, because when the sun shines I tend to bat better and you don’t have to put on so many layers of jumpers!

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